National start up Awards 2020

Start Up that will change India The national start up award is recognized award by central government to the startup company based on criteria declared by government   There are some unbelievable startup in India you will shock by knowing the different start up.  The award is based few point such as: Innovation (Innovation based on real challenge)   Scalability ( building business that is suitable, scalable, sustainable) Inclusiveness and diversity  Economic Impact  Environment Impact  Social Impact There are different sector for winning such as follows: Agriculture  Education Enterprise Technology Energy Finance Food Health Industry Space Security Tourism  Urban Service  Campus Women-Led  Rural- Impact Incubators and Accelerators There are some start up that will blow your mind. we will discuss that start up  1.  Aloe Ecell Pvt.Ltd. 2. Jackfruit365 3. SkyRoot Aerospace Aloe Ecell Pvt. Ltd.: Nimisha and Naveen two student came up with amazing idea to replace chemicals hazards battery

Is Patience requisite ?

Is Patience requisite? The patience is the most important thing in the life. sometime things take usually longer time than our imagination. Patience is another kind of skill that you will learn in some point of time in your life. Here the main thing is experience that makes you to learn some sought of skill which can patience and other important skill. The control on patience makes you to improve the control on anxiety, stress and frustration. it is not easy to deal with patience but their key things that will help to deal with that. Their are few key point for having patience. Self- restraint: It is related to self control and able to control own decision and never come up with complaints. Humbleness: it is related that every one is treated equally their is not any difference between you and others. everyone is treated equally. There is several benefit to enhance the Patience: 1. It helps us keep mentally fit. 2. It helps us to achieve the goal of the life. 3. It helps us to have goo

Market Segmentation on Sales performance of Soft Drink Industry

  Establishment of effective segmentation: Determining the segmentation you need to be more effective because proper analysis of market segmentation will provide you success to analysis the customer. There is some factor of determining effective market segmentation: Measurable : Measurable of product is depends on your market segmentation it is necessary to measure the sale of product on the basis of segmentation. It is important to analysis the purchasing power of consumer because without analyzing consumer purchasing power and buying habits you cannot measure segmentation. Accessible: Accessible is most important things in today’s world because understanding the consumer mindset is not only important reaching to the consumer doorstep is also important for that technology is playing vital role. Like you can reach to the customer by radio, television, and internet these are the most effective way to reach to the doorstep of customer such as mobile ad promotion of ads on mobile