Study on the sources of Renewable Energy and its utilization in Uttar Pradesh

Sustainable power source has been a significant segment of India's vitality arranging. The significance of sustainable power sources in the progress to a supportable vitality base was perceived in the mid 1970.Current sustainable power source is being utilized progressively for particular things. The renewable energy of future means which has future demanded energy. Financial support also was extended for renewable energy development such as government is providing funds for Research and development.Renewable energy plays vital role in long term development of country. Sustainable energy gets nature security as it is Eco-friendly and nature friendly. Renewable energy is most effective than fossil fuel, coal and petroleum product.As India is developing country and any kind of development will need resources which will utilized and transformed to get into new commercial product.. In which India is concentrating on wind power and sunlight based plant.Merits of Renewable Energy·Renewa…

Never Ever Give Up

Life is ongoing process that will never ends. It is single track for an individual with full of hurdles which you have to face. we all faces problems in our life it can be general problem like relationship problem, problem related to society, problem related to work place etc. but we have to face this and come out with solution. Life is part of hurdles you always have to face that and win from that. Life is like bicycle for maintaining balance you have to keep moving. 
Generally we quickly solve our problem, but problems becomes more difficult when you are not able to find the solution, sometimes new problems arises which had no solution in past. it is very hard to deal from that problem but still we should never give up we have to find solution for that.
"Every problem has a solution, only the thing is that you have to fight back with problem and overcome with solution".
Ways to solve problemIt is necessary to have a specific procedure to solve problem.
Stage 1: Don't Ignore…

The Indelible days

                    Indelible Memories of My college life
Hostel life is indelible days of my life.  The hostel life is small step forward to real world where you get different experience of life. Here is story of my hostel life, In our college there was student from different city and state of India. We all stayed in same hostel and each one of us having different picture of college in their mind some of them thinking they will enjoy wonderful life in college, some of them thinking  about dream girl. In hostel all nights are late night gossip, leg pulling, cursing hostel food, making noodles in water kettles, group studies during exam.

College life is incomplete without hostel life, we were three roommates and we enjoyed the hostel life in each and every way. we all three are from different place one is Parth Dixit most lively charter from Chhattisgarh , another is Manmohan Rauniyar from Nepal we all stayed together in one room of hostel That hostel room gave me indelible memory which …

Indian Army: A Tribute To Real Heroes

                                   A Tribute to Real Heroes Colossal thanks to the real heroes of India Army for their bravery and thankless service towards nation.  The Indian Army is full of real heroes and bravery souls, The reason we sleep in peace at our homes, is because of their sleepless night at border.  Our army is the real strength behind development of country; they secure the border so that we can live in peace, it is our responsibility to support them by writing about them, creating movies, appreciating them. It is their altruistic love towards the nation that makes them to offer the thankless sacrifice for us. it is their bravery, courage, best skills, perfection and Excellency and die heart love that makes them special and eligible to serve our motherland.
World's 4th largest and powerful military that is our Indian defense forces works in one of toughest battle fields. They serve our country in extreme condition our army is one of the top militaries of the world a…

Racism Will Never Die Out

Racism is the biggest problem of society; it can be in many forms and can happen in many places. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their colour, ethnicity or national origin. People often associate racism with act of abuse or harassment. However it doesn't need to involve or intimidating behavior, take racial name calling jokes.  Racism can seen through people's mindset as well their behavior. It can also been observe in system and Institution. for example: someone may look through a list of job application and decide not to interview people with certain surnames. "Racism is like slow poison for society, it will create difference and kill the humanity of people"  Stop pretending, There is no Racism In India Racism causes harm to those who are on the receiving end. It hurts individuals, communities and our society at large. As many as 54% people from north east suffer from discrimination this is the reality in national capital …